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Felted Soap Pretties!


Felted Soap Pretties!

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Originally published at Maitri Bath & Body. Please leave any comments there.

As promised last week, here are some great pictures of (other people’s) felted soaps from around the Interwebs!  As always, click the image to go to the maker’s site. Click here for my Pinterest board for Felted Soaps.



The Twisted Purl


Felted Organic Soap Orange and Lemon Wedges Organic Goat Milk Soap on Etsy


Felted Soap Mainstreet Xmas


Felted Soap Peach Swirl Flower on Etsy


Felted Soap with Scorpius Constellation on Etsy


Felted soap mini monster party favor pack on Etsy


Felted Soap Sweetpea The Cow Handmade on Etsy


Peas In A Pod Lavender Soap on Etsy

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